ONCE ORDER IS PLACED IT CANNOT BE CHANGED

  1. Do all covers come with four bands?  Yes, all covers automatically come with 4 bands EXCEPT the pocket wide it comes with 6 elastics
  2. If I get a 2'' or a 3'' spine will my tn come with 6 elastics? yes
  3. Are butter leathers still offered? currently no
  4. What options do the CLASSIC covers come with? classic covers ONLY come with 4 elastics. nothing else. 
  5. what kind of leather do you use? I carry several different kinds of leather. 
  6. Types of leather?  Full grain, Top grain and milled leather.
  7. full grain leather is the best leather out there. cream of the crop leather. 
  8. Are the oil tanned leathers water resistant or water proof? NO , oil leathers will beed off water but they are NOT water proof or resistant
  9. Are there any water resistant leathers? no all my leathers can get damaged by water.
  10. What does your shipping charge include? insurance according to weight, postage and supplies.
  11. how often do you get new leathers? it varies, i get leathers as i find them or if i like the color OR if i have a lot of requests for a color. and most importantly if the PRICE is right!
  12. How many sizes do you carry? currently i have 15 sizes 
  13. what are your sizes? Italo, micro, passport, passport wide, pocket, pocket wide, A6, personal, Hoboweeks, B6 narrow and B6 standard, standard, A5, Cahier, composition.
  14. what color of thread do you carry? colors vary so please look at the a la carte listing for a picture. 
  15. what color of elastic do you carry? there is a picture of colors on the website slide pics. also found in the a la carte listing. 
  16. where are the a la carte options? under the a la carte tab.
  17. what options are a la carte? check the a la carte listing for current options
  18. where do i choose the elastic and thread options? write it on the note to seller box. IF no option is made cover will be made as pictured.
  19. what design of pockets do you use? i use the full size curve pockets as pictured in the a la carte listing.
  20. what if i want differrent pockets? you need to email me prior to placing your order.